In The Field: ARHT Media Holopresence

Fresh from signing a UAE and Qatar distribution deal with NMK Electronics, hologram based technology provider ARHT Media is planning a major middle east expansion. TPMEA catches up with CEO, Larry O’Reilly to discuss the future of this exciting tech.

Nobody could argue with the fact that video conferencing tools have been invaluable over the past 18 months. However, as many are tiring of Teams and experiencing a chronic case of Zoom fatigue, increasingly individuals and organisations are looking to alternative ways of keeping in touch while international travel remains difficult. Offering a futuristic solution to this universal issue is ARHT Media, whose HoloPresence technology allows presenters or artists to appear as a hyper-realistic, life-sized hologram, with the ability to interact with a live audience with no noticeable latency.


Photos: NMK Electronics