Thomas Ovesen, CEO, All Things Live Middle East

Fresh from putting on Ed Sheeran’s record-breaking double-header in January, Thomas Ovesen has his sights set on continual growth…

From the moment it was announced that Ed Sheeran would be returning to Dubai for the first time since 2017 to play back-to-back shows at Sevens Stadium, the entire city was abuzz with the kind of fervour that only occurs when a true global superstar is coming to town. Unsurprisingly, the shows proved to a massive success, with both nights drawing sell-out 30,000 crowds.

Central to bringing Sheeran’s + – = ÷ x (Mathematics) Tour to Dubai was All Things Live, which collaborated with AEG Presents with the support of Dubai Calendar and Coca-Cola Arena to make the shows happen.

“Ed Sheeran was the first open-air show we’ve done since 2018,” said All Things Live’s Thomas Ovesen. “It was great to get back into that heavy up-front investment and all the planning and operational challenges that come with putting on live events in outdoor greenfield sites.”

While large open-air shows have been a rarity in the UAE since the COVID-19 pandemic, Ovesen explained how the Ed Sheeran show had multiple benefits for All Things Live.

“As well as being a massive success in terms of ticket sales, the event also meant that we now have an up-to-date P&L statement for what it costs to put on a show like this on a greenfield site, which is important and will make our job easier when it comes to future shows.”

Photos: All Things Live