Robe at Prolight+Sound Middle East 2018

RoboSpot Base Station system.

Robe is exhibiting at Prolight+Sound Middle East – Hall 4.0 Stand C12 – for the second year, and will be sharing the stand with four dynamic partner companies, ArKaos, MDG and MagicFX.

Several new Robe products will be highlighted at the show – the MegaPointe, LEDBeam 150 and Tarrantula moving lights, plus the RoboSpot remote follow spotting system – in an environment where customers can have a closer look and get all their technical and creative queries fully answered.

Robe’s flagship BMFL range of high-powered moving lights will also be on the stand together with other popular fixtures like the Spiider LED wash beam
As the only exhibition in the Middle East that is targeting the key markets of rental, staging and multi-purpose venue entertainment lighting installations, Robe feels it’s important to have a presence. The company sees the expo as a valuable gateway for consolidating existing relationships and making new ones.

  • Robe MegaPointe

Robe’s MegaPointe redefines the concept of the all-in-one fixture!
With super-bright and sharp parallel beams, excellent gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects, the MegaPointe has already been a universal success for Robe since its launch in September.

It’s currently one of the most sought-after moving lights in the industry!
Robe’s R&D team worked closely with Osram to provide a 470W lamp that aligns perfectly with the MegaPointe’s cutting edge optical system. The design provides a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable via the zoom from a tight, punchy 1.8 degree beam to a wide 42-degree wash.

Static and rotating (glass) gobos can be used to produce precision in-air effects or outstanding projected images with a high-contrast flat field. The dynamic effects engine offers 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects, and the beam can also be shaped using innovative shutter emulation unleashing a whole new blend of content and creativity.

  • Tarrantula

Powered by 36 x 30W and one 60W high powered LED chips, providing a jaw-dropping 20,000 lumens of output!

A versatile optical system offers adjustable beam angle from a tight 4° spot to a super-wide 50° wash, all with the highest quality of light.

The LEDWash 800 inspired Beam Shaper accessory creates a traditional oval beam that can be indexed for precision coverage of the stage or performance area.

Central to the Tarrantula’s many features is Robe’s exclusive “Flower Effect” adding yet another eye-catching visual dimension. Driven by the 60W RGBW multichip, this creates sharp, speed-controlled spikes of light that can be rotated in either direction.

  • RoboSpot System

Robe’s revolutionary RoboSpot is a follow spot system that allows the simultaneous remote control up to 12 fixtures without the safety concerns and / or impracticality of having people working at height above the stage or at the very top of venues like theatres and stadiums, or in elevated positions on film and TV sets.

Stunning visual displays are now possible utilising as many as 12 perfectly synchronised fixtures to follow a performer across a stage.

Utilizing the RoboSpot system, operators can now safely and conveniently control multiple fixtures like Robe‘s BMFL range, their DL4S and DL7S Profiles, MegaPointes and Pointes from any location within the venue, also reducing set-up times and operational costs.

The RoboSpot BaseStation has a large 15.6-inch HD touch screen display, so the operator observes the performance space from a “first person” perspective – like most video games.

A live video picture relays visual and positional information – of the artist / cast – from MotionCamera/s that are either integral to the fixture itself or positioned adjacent to each individual fixture on the rig that is being used for remote follow spotting.

The operator has full control of the remote spotted fixture/s using the BaseStation handles and two programmable faders which can tweak parameters like dimmer or iris for additional effects.

The operator’s commands are instantly transferred to the luminaires via DMX signal with no lag … so they can perfectly motion track the artist across the stage or performance area.

Extra control over the remote follow spot can be achieved via the Base Station touchscreen display and four programmable jog wheels which have 10 additional button settings for a truly customisable experience.

The remote lighting desk can still control all the internal features of the follow spot units such as light intensity and colours.

  • LEDBeam 150

The standard LEDBeam 150 features a spectacular 3.8° to 60° zoom range. This incredible little moving light has fast sweeping beams and high-quality wash functionality in a robust, compact housing.

Says Robe Middle East’s general manager Elie Battah, “We are expecting PL+S ME 2018 to provide an overview of the latest technologies and ideas for the entertainment technology industry generally by which I mean across the whole region.

“It will also bring many new people to Dubai, which is still growing and being developed as an international business and cultural hub as well as a desirable, high-quality tourist destination. There are so many opportunities for future investment and for anyone involved in producing events and festivals”.

  • ArKaos

Digital control specialist ArKaos will present their dynamic and flexible range of lighting, video and media control solutions – including Media Master 5.3, GrandVJ and An-KI – running on a range of their professional media servers.

The ArKaos range of products addresses the need for simple control of complex technologies and creative installations in all areas of entertainment, right through to ‘architainment’ and a variety of built environments.

MediaMaster 5.3 is a real-time video control software platform that is as well-known as it is popular! It combines maximum functionality with the easy, user-friendly operation synonymous with the brand for controlling a wide range of video products and pixel fixtures.

GrandVJ is designed for fast and comprehensive control of video sources by VJs, DJs, video operators and visuals crews working in all ‘live’ scenarios – from concerts to festivals to clubs.

An-Ki is an all-new cloud-based format of communication from ArKaos. Working over the internet, An-Ki enables digital content appearing as projections or on any LED mappable surfaces / devices to be updated, synched or tweaked in just a couple of clicks – from anywhere in the world! An-Ki is a true multi-purpose tool and ideal for a diversity of environments, including hotels, meeting rooms, retail parks / shopping malls, building facades and other public spaces.

  • Magic FX

This year MagicFX displays their brand-new CO2 JET and POWER SHOT. These are the two next generations of their famous first editions.

The CO2 JET II is a small device that blows white clouds of CO2 onto festival stages. This new generation offers a new output angle install plug, angle indicator, a test LED, a quick connector and a no-frost output pipe. It is also smaller than the first edition and rainproof.

The POWER SHOT II is a compact unit to fire Electric Confetti and Streamer Cannons. It offers a brand-new cannon plug system, a new output angle install plug, an angle indicator, a test LED and it is also rainproof!

  • MDG

MDG returns to Prolight+Sound Middle East for the second year running, bringing a selection of its award-winning and world-renowned haze and fog generators. MDG will be sharing the stand with Robe ME Trading LLC in Hall 4.0 Stand C12.

Established in 1980, MDG’s rock-solid generators continue to cement the company’s long-standing reputation for the finest and most reliable atmosphere generators on the market.

MDG will show its ATMe haze generator alongside the Me2 dual output fog generator, both of which are now also available as weatherproof WPE versions for outdoor use. The ICE FOG Compact HP low fog generator will also be present, along with a range of accessories including the indispensable variable speed digital fan, theFAN, the unique D-Verter 239 DMX/RDM controlled pneumatic input/output fog switcher, and the award-winning RFP 239 Round Floor Pocket complete with RFP-CB Control Box, which received the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year 2018 Award earlier this year.