Prime Gear Invests in Robe

Prime Circle’s Dirk Bisschoff, Duncan Riley (DWR Distribution), Marco Gomes, Ross Learmonth, David Ter Steege (Audio Engineer) and Dale Schnettler.

South African band, Prime Circle, has acquired Robe lighting fixtures for their ongoing touring performances. DWR Distribution was proud to supply Robe MiniPointes, Robin LEDBeam 150s, Robe VIVAs and a Le Maitre MVS Hazer.

“We’ve worked with DWR for quite some time now and the products are just amazing,” said Marco Gomes, bass guitarist and Prime Circle’s manager. “We firstly wanted to get lighting kit for touring purposes, but we also wanted to make sure that the product would be right. To us, there is no better product than the Robe gear.”

If ever there was a hardworking, diligent and uncompromising band, Prime Circle would fit the bill. Whether playing locally or abroad, they keep on giving and are currently touring their 7nth album tour; including 8 Robe MiniPointes, 8 Robe Robin LEDBeam 150s, 2 Robe Robin VIVAs and a Le Maitre MVS Hazer.

“We are quite excited and hope that this will up our game, up our touring, and take the performance a step higher,” said Gomes. “We are fortunate enough to already have a nice little dot2 console. While our former lighting designer for many years, Vincent van Niekerk, has recently joined the DWR team, we have a new chap on the road, Benjamin Mills and we are happy to have the new set up.”

The Robe Robin MiniPointe is a tiny, agile air cutter specifically designed to produce sharp beam and aerial effects especially in venues constrained by size. The Robin LEDBeam 150 includes zoom, fast sweeping beams and a wide quality wash in a compact housing. Elegant and lightweight, Robe’s VIVA is packed with smart effects that are easy to use, and this powerful fixture consumes little energy. The Le Maitre MVS hazer is geared towards small to large sized venues.

“I lthe ove lighting, and for the band, it’s important that the stage is properly lit,” added Gomes. “I believe the effects of lighting will help us make or break a song.”

Duncan Riley of DWR added: “Prime Circle is one of my personal favourites and it’s such an honour to be able to supply equipment to the heroes in our music industry. So powerful is their music that they would move a crowd without a single lighting fixture!  That said, I’m grateful that they have Robe on board and trust that the new units will help paint their already beautiful lyrics.”