CTME Invests in Robe FORTES and LEDBeam 350s

Creative Technology (CT) Middle East has made a major investment in Robe moving lights with the purchase of FORTES and LEDBeam 350s, which join the company’s busy and expanding rental fleet at their Dubai HQ, servicing projects across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Sam Connolly, Head of Lighting for CTME, commented: “The new fixtures are a great asset to CT’s growing fleet and will be soon heading to Doha for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to join another 200 Robe fixtures on various show-stopping events across the country.”

Connolly has always been a Robe fan, so when CT was looking to increase its lighting inventory, he automatically considered Robe’s latest products. It was a prerequisite that they were LED light sources to align with the rest of CT’s inventory.

A major factor in the decision was the concept similarities between the BMFL and the FORTE, and Robe’s ground-breaking TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology, which offers the option of fitting different and interchangeable LED engines into the same fixture hardware, which can be quickly changed / ‘transferred’ in five to seven minutes.

In the LEDBeam 350, Connolly wanted a fixture that was a genuine wash and beam luminaire in one housing, and after seeing the initial demo from the Robe Middle East team, he liked what he saw. “It ticked all the boxes,” he confirmed.

The Head of Lighting was especially keen to keep the rental inventory streamlined and focused on fewer fixture types that could achieve multiple results, rather than have a multitude of different lights. “Two is a perfect number,” he noted, observing that all the Robe ranges work well together and complement one another nicely with matching colours and similar quality of light output.