xKit.me Goes Live

xKit.me, the region’s first online platform for buying and selling pro AV equipment, has launched in the Middle East. Offering a wide range of product, from used B stock to the latest new products from world-renowned brands, the new platform will cover the GCC, Middle East and Levant.

“We’ve teamed up with some great brands in the industry and we look forward to connecting this whole region together,” commented Jean Michel Elias, Co-Founder of xKit.me. A lighting designer by profession, Elias has been involved in the industry since 2006, working all over the Middle East throughout his career.

“Working with suppliers and vendors, there was always someone either selling something or wanting to upgrade and looking for kit,” Elias explained to TPMEA, explaining the inspiration for starting the company. “I had previously connected suppliers together and helped them facilitate a deal and this is where the idea of xKit was born – a platform to connect vendors and suppliers in the region and help with facilitating deals and all the logistics that come with it.”

Offering official brand-certified products, free vendor registration and product listings, as well as consultancy and in-house product inspection services, the company aims to transform the way that people in the industry buy and sell equipment. According to Elias, while the slowdown in work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately meant he had more time available to devote to the project, this was an idea that had been in the pipeline for a while. “This concept has been in the works for more than a year,” he revealed.

In the short term, Elias aims to provide a platform to help companies that have been affected by the pandemic sell some of their unused inventory in order to generate cashflow. However, the long-term plan is not short on ambition.

“We aim to become the most sought out hub when it comes to buying and selling AV kit,” Elias confirmed. “We’re making sure the prices on the platform are the best prices the buyer can get and the support with the logistics is unparalleled.”