Vidya Vox Lit By Chauvet

International YouTube sensation Vidya Vox embarked on an international tour in support of her first EP Kuthu Fire starting with 2 dates in South Africa. Chris Reade and Jay Ballinger designed a lightshow accompanying the production, featuring a collection of Chavet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash and STRIKE 4 fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

“We use these fixtures in wide variety of ways to reflect the scope of Vidya’s music,” said Reade of Las Vegas based KYVA Design LLC. “Much of the credit for our impactful lightshow goes to Heather Cossette. Jay and I gave her a general overview of what we were looking for regarding visuals. Heather then took the concept and put her stamp on it through her programming and directing. We trust Heather’s instincts. I personally am impressed by her creativity, detail, and fantastic attitude.”

The Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures are flown on multiple trusses and are employed as key lights, in addition to being used for silhouettes, audience sweeps and gobo breakups. “We’ve really been impressed by the MK2 Spot’s output. It’s definitely giving us arena-level brightness, and it’s very versatile. We’re using it a lot for texture on the stage and to create hard edge looks,” Reade added.

The Rogue R2 Washes also came in for praise from the design team. “I love the R2 washes,” Cossette exclaimed. “They clone great and I’m happy whenever I get them on a gig. They just do a great even wash, a nice tight beam, and the colour mixing is wonderful.”

Engaging the crowd and strengthening their connection to Vidya Vox are the STRIKE 4 warm white LED fixtures that are positioned on overhead truss as well as on V-shaped structures located to either side of the stage. “We like the look of the STRIKE 4,” explained Reade. “Its colour temperature and adjustable dimming curve make it a great crowd light.”

Describing his work on the Vidya Vox tour as a “wonderfully memorable experience,” thanks in part to the artist’s singularly unique musical blend, Reade values the relationships already formed on the tour. “It was really great getting to work with Jonathan Syverson, who is Vidya Vox’s Tour Manger,” he said. “Charles Teer who did the programming and got the video aspect of the show working was invaluable.

“On the initial South African leg of the tour, which took place in Durbin and Johannesburg, local suppliers Sounds Ideal Productions and JYM Sound and Lighting supplied the gear for the concerts, providing the design team with more good memories. “Both companies were great to work with,” concluded Cossette. “Shaniel Laloo, our house lighting tech did whatever we needed, always with a smile. His lighting show was great, his timing phenomenal, and he had a positive eager to learn attitude.”