Unilumin hosts Dubai Open Day

Unilumin is set to host an open day at its Middle East subsidiary show room in JLT, Dubai.

Taking place from 24 June to 29 June, this event aims to foster deeper connections with the manufacturer’s valued clientele.

Marking a departure from traditional events, the open day will offer an intimate setting where clients can experience the company’s latest LED rental products firsthand.

“Beyond a mere product showcase, this event embodies a warm invitation to our showroom, complete with refreshments,” the company stated. “Unilumin is eager to hear genuine feedback and ideas from the clients, underscoring the commitment to customer-centric values.”

Attendees can expect to explore a range of innovative products tailored to the LED rental market. Among them is the Utile EA series, which supports signal redundancy, ensuring unparalleled reliability. Additionally, the URMIII DT series, designed for bigger touring stages supports 30m length of hanging installation maximum. The XV series, boasting 50% high transparency, has become a go-to choice for creative concerts. Lastly, the XF series, a professional floor LED product, supports a weight capacity of 2 tonnes per SQM, and the XC& XS series meet diverse creative demands.

“As The LED Application Pioneer, Unilumin Group remains steadfast in prioritizing customer needs and product innovation,” the company concluded. “The vision is to provide superior LED display solutions that elevate user experiences. The Open Day event embodies this vision, serving as a testament to Unilumin’s commitment to excellence.”