Tim Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer, HQWS

With more than a quarter of a century immersed in the global events landscape, Tim Jacobs has witnessed first-hand the power of brand evolution. Here, the HQWS COO discusses the company’s recent brand transformation, shares his approach to pitching and speculates on the future direction of the business.

Established in the UAE in 1996 by Katie Veira, Managing Partner, HQWS has built a stellar reputation over the best part of three decades as a world-class creative house that offers much more than your run-of-the-mill events agency. However, despite the company’s storied legacy, enviable client list and extensive portfolio of high-profile events, HQWS is not a brand that is splashed all over social media. “We’re a very quiet company. You won’t find a great deal about us online and that’s done for a reason,” explained Chief Operating Officer, Tim Jacobs. “We do a lot of work for governments and high-profile clients, and our work is essentially to make them look good – not to be leveraged for our own self-promotion.”

With over 25 years of experience across all facets of the live events industry including more than 15 spent in the Middle East, Jacobs has presided over spectacular growth for HQWS, helping to maintain a strong upward trajectory for the company regardless of the various socio-economic challenges that provide hurdles for success.

As HQWS marks a new chapter with the launch of a revitalised website and an expanded international footprint, Jacobs sat down with TPiMEA for an in-depth interview, looking back on a few of his favourite memories with the company, sharing his management ethos, and providing some key insights on the most likely emerging markets over the next decade and beyond.

Photos: HQWS