Tareq Ghosheh, Chief Events and Entertainment Officer, Expo 2020

The man at the head of Expo 2020’s events and entertainment offering discusses some of the complex processes that go into operating more than 3,000 productions over a six-month period.

Hosting more than 3,000 performances over six months, the events and entertainment spaces at Expo 2020 are built to withstand the kind of rigorous schedule that would put even the world’s busiest arenas to shame.

As well as a state-of-the-art technical setup and support from some of the best suppliers in the business, the purpose-built spaces benefit from an expert in-house technical team, charged with providing outstanding facilities and support to enable world-class shows to take place at Expo 2020 day after day.

Tareq Ghosheh, Chief Events and Entertainment Officer at Expo 2020, is the man charged with overseeing all these elements and more. Here, he shares some insights from his journey so far, talks about the inner workings of Expo’s events and entertainment offering and speculates on the legacy that Expo 2020 will leave for the UAE.

Photos: Expo 2020 Dubai