Stage Audio Works Helps Kilowatt AV Scale with Analog Way

Kilowatt AV has become the first production company in South Africa to invest in Analog Way’s Aquilon RS3 mission critical 4K/8K multi-screen presentation system and video wall processor. The purchase was made through the local office of the French manufacturer’s South African distributor, Stage Audio Works.

The production company had been searching for a high-end scaler that would be able to meet its 4K presentation needs. Having not found the right solution with a variety of manufacturers, the Stage Audio Works team suggested that Kilowatt AV should look at Analog Way’s Aquilon range.

“We required a high-end scaler that would be able to handle multiple 4K displays due to our range of LED screens, as well as future proofing our AV position,” explained Michael Perry, Senior AV Technician at Kilowatt AV. “The performance and power and the amount of 4K’s the Aquilon RS3 can do compared to anything else on the market is above and beyond.”

With the new processor arriving in Cape Town at the end of October, it was quickly put to use on a pair of gigs. “For the Google South Africa Conference System setup, we were running two Dataton Watchpax 60B systems into the RS3, running a main display at 4200 by 1344 pixels resolution, and two side screens at 1344 by 1344. There were three outputs from two Watchpax machines, a main and a back-up, and then we ran 4K presentations into it for the main display,” said Perry. “Everything has been running smoothly so far, and we are very happy with the system.”

“The demand for 4K visuals at corporate events in South Africa is very high, and there is nothing out there that can match the performance of Analog Way for this market,” added Stage Audio Works Technical Director, Nathan Ihlenfeldt. “Kilowatt AV have purchased the right system for their needs, and with the upgrade path available to them, they have future-proofed their purchase. There are plenty of events companies across Africa that could benefit from this industry-leading technology, and I’m sure this sale will lead to many more in the future.”