Solid Rock Acquires New ArKaos Studio Server

Johannesburg-based Solid Rock Event Technical has taken ownership of a new ArKaos Studio Server.

The acquisition came about after Nick Britz from DWR Distribution introduced Solid Rock’s Keith MacIntyre and Rolley Maphosa to the ArKaos team at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

“From what I understand, within half an hour of Rolley seeing the system for the first time, he was already mapping spheres and cubes with the product,” explained Andrew Temblett, Business Development Manager at Solid Rock. “So I think the marriage was made there, and when Keith came back to Johannesburg we started looking at the software available on-line. It seemed a very simple solution that would be suitable for a lot of our AV requirements.”

Maphosa has been with Solid Rock for eight years, specialising in AV. He used the ArKaos Studio Server for the first time at a recent IBM event. “I wasn’t nervous using it and I like it,” he said. “It’s easy to use and I haven’t had any problems.”

“I sat for an hour and I was running content,” said Temblett of his first experience with the server. “For Solid Rock it will go on many shows because it’s versatile. We needed a solution that we could put on small, medium or large scale shows, hassle free. We have a large event coming up in October at The Pavilion at Sandton Convention Centre and we are structuring it around the use of ArKaos. So everything we are proposing is keeping in the realms of the server.”