Sennheiser Elevates Experience For Skydivers at Show in Dubai     

Sennheiser wireless G4 In-Ear Monitoring systems, Dubai indoor skydiving facility  

For the Dream of Flight show, held late 2018 at the Inflight Dubai indoor skydiving facility, Sennheiser’s evolution wireless G4 In-Ear Monitoring systems ensured that despite the overwhelming sound of wind in the tunnel, crystal clear audio was provided.

Music was central to the hour-long show which comprised of 14 routines and featured a variety of songs from A Million Dreams to popular hits by artists including Lenny Kravitz. Sennheiser provided one transmitter and four receivers of its Sennheiser EW IEM G4 system and Sennheiser IE 40 in-ear headphones for each of the performers. The skydivers who used these in-ear monitors were most impressed with their performance and appreciated how much they helped coordinate their routines with the music that the audience heard during the show.

“It was a new experience and it helped the performers execute their routines as per the flight plan. Also, it was easy for them to put the packs under their jumpsuits and fly,” explained Nadia Adamali who organised and produced the event. “There were, of course, some concerns given the wind pressure and noise within the tunnel. But Sennheiser’s system did the job very well enabling the performers to hear the music without the encumbrance of any bulky equipment.”