Sennheiser Conducts Training For Middle East Content Creators

Sennheiser has conducted an in-depth training session on high-quality audio capture for 15 of the region’s leading social media influencers in Amman, Jordan.

The session was hosted for participants of the latest season of Sadeem, the largest competition for influencers in the Arab world, and focused on how Sennheiser’s portable lavalier mics and headphones can be best utilised accurately capture and master audio for engaging digital content.

Sadeem encourages the region’s top influencers to achieve their creative potential through the use of the latest technologies. The hugely popular show attracts millions of views across TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other leading social media platforms.

In this third season, Sennheiser has collaborated to be the show’s official audio partner and intends to utilise this as a platform to draw attention to the vital role that high-quality audio plays in elevating experiences for consumers of digital content.

Fadi Costantine, Technical Sales Manager at Sennheiser Middle East who conducted the session said: “It is incredible to see the eagerness of participants to create remarkably engaging content with top-notch production quality. Today, digital media is moulding the culture and progress of the region and we at Sennheiser are here to provide talented content creators with the world-class tools they need to realise their visions.”

Over the course of his half-day long session, Costantine first introduced the show’s participants to Sennheiser’s highly portable XS Wireless Digital Portable Lavalier set, which serves as an ideal entry-level system for musicians and videographers. He emphasised how the XSW-D incorporates one-touch synchronisation, low audio latency, and automatic frequency management – features typically seen in top-grade microphone systems – and shared insight into how creators can take advantage of these to greatly simplify the capture of professional-grade audio.

Highlighting that importance of attention to detail during post-production, Costantine then went on to demonstrate how content creators can utilise Sennheiser’s HD 300 PRO headset during the editing process. These monitoring headphones deliver neutral, delicate sound reproduction and have been designed to provide a high level of wearing comfort and efficient ambient noise attenuation to ensure comfort over hours of use.

“I was actually looking for a mic and was lost searching between different brands, but when I had the opportunity to use Sennheiser I was completely satisfied and surprised by how great the quality of the sound is and how practical the mic itself was! I really can’t wait to discover more about Sennheiser,” said Beki Ksouri, a show participant from Tunisia.

This sentiment was echoed by fellow participant Reda Wahhabi from Morocco who said: “Sennheiser played a big role in making the sound quality better in my videos. I can’t wait to explore more using their audio equipment for creating content.”

Following the training session, each participant of the show was provided with a Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital and HD 300 PRO bundle, which they will use for content creation through the course of the series.