Protec Purchases Claypaky Xylos as Part of Wider Investment

Protec Claypaky Xylos

Protec has invested in the new Claypaky Xtylos and Sharpy Plus, as well as upgrading its video capabilities globally with the purchase of Absen PL2.5mm indoor panels and PL3.9mm W outdoor panels for all branches in the UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

These screens have an innovative side lock design which means they can be installed flat or with a curve. It has also invested in the NovaStar NovaPro UHD Jr All-in-One Controllers and the NovaStar VX6s control boxes. With screens based in Birmingham, Dubai and Riyadh, the company can assist clients across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa with both large-scale and intimate video solutions – just in time for EURO 2020.

Protec Dubai has already debuted the Claypaky Xtylos and was first globally to get on board with the new technology, which is predicted to be a lighting designer favourite. The Birmingham branch has also received its order of the fixture.

The Dubai audio team has also invested in more powerful solutions to meet increased networking and processing demands, which led to them being first in the Middle East region to adopt the ‘world’s most advanced’ Outline Newton 16 + 8 processor.

Protec has also invested in the Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server, more Shure Axient gear with Showlink capabilities and increased its stock of Rednet Dante A8R, D16 units, Luminex 16XTs, L-Acoustics Syva, L-Acoustics X15s and L-Acoustics X8s, ADX1 Shure beltpacks and Sennheiser 2050 in ear monitors.