Protec Aquires Aventeq Ltd

Having established itself as a global powerhouse in staging and event technology services, Dubai-headquartered Protec has announced its presence in the UK with the acquisition of Birmingham based Aventeq Ltd.

With this agreement, Aventeq – which takes on Protec’s brand identity – will now be dubbed Protec European Events, and will have access to a much larger palette of event production resources, including state of the art technology, equipment and highly skilled staff. Established in 2008 by an industry-experienced team led by Chris Bramwell, Aventeq deliver quality projects all across the UK and Europe. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including creative and technical design, production, lighting, audio, video, staging, rigging and venue support services.

Stephen Lakin, Protec’s Founder and CEO commented: “I have a lot of time for Chris Bramwell & the team. They have built up a strong business and I’m thrilled to welcome them into the Protec family. I am looking forward to the opportunity to introduce their customers to a wider global reach and more exciting tools & technology to create unique and memorable event experiences.”

Bramwell will continue to lead the company to execute on their growth plans but with the backing of the vast resources of Protec. “Aventeq, which of course I’m thrilled to say, is now Protec European Events, has a similar passion to Protec. We focus on delivering fantastic experiences for our clients and audiences,” added Bramwell. “We are very excited to be a part of one of the world’s most respected industry leaders and now be able to offer our clients a more creative and technological palette with a wider market reach.”

Protec offers comprehensive event technology and staging solutions and has 10 fully-fledged departments and over 140 full time staff. With investments in excess of $80 million in the UAE alone, Protec have the financial capacity to deliver small meetings to stadium shows and are committed to support events of all sizes and offer service to all design houses and production companies encouraging new ideas and bold creativity.

“Technology in the events industry has seen exponential growth, creativity has become bolder and audience engagement now plays a crucial role in every event. Our clients are spending more time on developing bespoke events, creatively using content with technology to immerse and involve their audiences into their story’s environment. Technology continues to play an important role and new technologies are guiding content developers to dig deeper into their creative talents to make full use of the technical resources to deliver with impact and to stay current. There is greater demand for a break from the typical sit and listen conference format to a more imaginative, dynamic, immersive and involving experience. This spurs us to continually think creatively and develop new ways of delivering our productions. So although we are one of the largest events technical and staging solutions company in the world, in my mind, our creative approach to all our projects and the ability to consistently create extraordinary experiences through clever use of technology is what sets us apart. It is this approach that Protec European Events will take on which I’m sure will be an important factor to ensure that their clients are thrilled with every event delivery,” Lakin concluded.