Prolyte Supply LiteDeck to Fruition

With the delivery of a large batch of over 500 pieces of LiteDeck staging platforms, Prolyte Group and Fruition Events LLC are set to form a partnership in the Middle East, delivering LiteDeck staging elements in batches, with the first completed in September and the latter during October 2017.

Warren Barlow, Managing Director of Fruition Events, commented: “Investigating the opportunity of local production with the Prolyte Group fulfilled our commitment to not only invest into a sustainable product line, but also to enhance availability in the UAE market. Prolyte Group manufactures leading products, which are widely recognised and used across the globe. LiteDeck offers a clean aesthetic look in comparison to existing steel products, whilst retaining simple functionality and creative design principles. Coupled with the extensive backup of the Prolyte network, we will have the added capability of developing special components locally, to meet the demands of the most creative deliveries. Fruition Events further commits to invest into Prolyte Group products to strengthen both brands in the MENA region. This set-up will further ensure availability of the products for use by other Prolyte users.”

Lars Toonen, Prolyte Group Sales Representative, added: “This new cooperation offers an excellent networking opportunity for this region. By creating a large rental stock, backed by short lead times and direct availability, we now have a platform to service events as well as dry rental solutions and sales opportunities”.

The LiteDeck system is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, while the frames are manufactured under licence by Talex, a UAE based company. Talex specialises in precision engineered aluminium products. Assembling the products locally will reduce the ecological footprint caused by shipping finalised products.

“Seeing a growing demand in the region, we have been anticipating to cope with this. By outsourcing the manufacturing process to finished product to a local company we not only reduce shipping volume and lead times, but we also keep the benefits of locally producing in the region”, stated Ralph Stockley, Prolyte Group CCO.

Welding jigs designed by the Prolyte Group HQ in the Netherlands and shipped to Abu Dhabi will safeguard the renowned high-quality fitting of the LiteDecks. Johann Stuut, R&D engineer for Prolyte Group, and responsible for the development of the welding jigs, concluded: “Every phase of the production process is thought over and captured by the design of the jig, you just have to follow the process. This will guarantee the original Prolyte shape and quality fitting in the production of the unique LiteDeck frames.”