Parltones Swing With Vari-Lite

Photo: Meghan McCabe

Popular South African rock band The Parlotones delivered a performance backed by a chamber ensemble, arranged and conducted by composer and musician Brendan Jury, at the Teatro at Montecasino, Johannesburg last month.

For the first time in his career, LD Kevin Stannett from Crosslight had an entire Philips Vari-Lite rig at his disposal and programmed on a MA Lighting grandMA2 light. Gearhouse Splitbeam was the full technical supplier at the venue.

“The look I wanted to create, because of the additional orchestra, was somewhat more theatrical than what The Parlotones are used to,” said Kevin. “The band gave me a rough brief of what they wanted, but were happy for me to do what I do. They really are professional.”

The rig was made up of six VL4000 Spots, six VL4000 BeamWashes, three VLX Washes, six VL2500 Spots, six VL2500 Washes, six VL3500 Spots and two VL3000 Spots. Front of House consisted of 24 ETC Source Fours. The VL 4000 Spots were rigged on an overhead bar behind the orchestra.