NMK Brands Feature at Expo 2020

An array of NMK brands power several pavilions, bars, and communal spaces across the site.

From the 192 country pavilions featuring a range of innovative installations, to the host of bars, restaurants and communal areas packed with high-end equipment, Expo 2020 is a veritable treasure trove of audio-visual technology. The megaproject has brought a glut of work for the AV industry, with many companies in the industry experiencing a major boost throughout. One such company is NMK Electronics, which has seen the products it represents used extensively throughout the vast site. 

NMK-distributed brands including Allen & Heath, Bose, BrightSign, Denon, Epson, LG, Neutrik and Shure appear across various areas throughout Expo 2020, including the Indian, Argentinian, Danish, Colombian, Australian, Egyptian, and USA pavilions, as well as several communal areas including Al Wasl Plaza. 

“We had many enquiries because of Expo 2020 and one thing that has always worked in our favour is the number of premium brands in our product portfolio,” stated Sanal Das, Key Account Manager at NMK. “Integrators benefit because we’re a one-stop shop. They don’t have to co-ordinate with four different vendors to get microphones, mixers, consoles, and speakers – we have them all covered. We can offer a solution that fits perfectly with what the requirement is and the fact that our brands are well known and respected adds a lot of value for the end-user. 

One venue that has been especially well served by the company is the Garden on 1, sports bar. Working with systems integrator, AVITCO, the NMK team designed a complete audio and video distribution solution, covering four zones and two outdoor terrace areas. 

“This is one of the projects that we are extremely proud of as it is a complete and working solution of a bar within Expo 2020,” said AVITCO’s Sunil Kumar. “It would not have been possible without the support of NMK – they worked closely with our team to meet the scope within the given timeline.” 

NMK’s Jithin Jose, who oversaw the project, explained that the main challenge was the tight timeframe. “Everything needed to be finished within a month,” he recalled. “It was in the peak time just before the start of Expo 2020 and product availability was extremely scarce.” 

Due to the time constraints, all the cable work and brackets were installed as quickly as possible, then the fixtures were delivered in two batches as they became available. “Even much of the programming was started before all the units arrived,” he revealed.  

Despite the short time and limited product availability, the NMK team provided an extensive solution, including Bose ArenaMatch Utility and DesignMax loudspeakers, Shure SLX-D digital wireless systems, LG 65UH5F screens, as well as several products from the likes of Neutrik, Denon and Peerless AV. “We also provided proper training for the non-technical staff who would be operating the system day-to-day, and they found the operation pretty easy,” he reflected. “Everything in the system is controlled via iPad, and each element can be controlled separately.” 

Bringing the conversation back to Expo in general, Das explained how the project had been a big boost for the entire industry. “Apart from the increase in sales for the products that went into site, Expo has also helped the public gain a better understanding of what the capabilities of this technology are,” he commented. “People experience the incredible technology at Expo, and they come back to us and say they want their spaces to change. It has been a real eye-opener for many end-users.

Photos: NMK Electronics