N&M Expands with Innovative Technology

schmidhuber, München © 2018 by Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel-com

Neumann&Müller Event Technology (N&M) has a full inventory for the new season that includes a UAE first of its kind LED screen, upgraded existing technology, additional stock levels of equipment and new expertise.

Rick Wade, general manager for Dubai said: ”We are well known for leading and delivering to the demands of the market and the addition of new stock and new staff will support not only newly confirmed projects on a larger scale but also support the medium and smaller projects. We want to deliver a full inventory for our clients for the busy season ahead.”

The new equipment will cater to multiple projects at the same time. The New 1.8mm LED screen is the first of its kind in the UAE. Screens with a pixel pitch less than 2mm are ideal for conferences, corporate and high profile events, because the audience can stand closer to the screen and engage more in the experience.

Today’s events place extreme demands on IT infrastructure. N&M has increased its Event-IT expertise locally in equipment and technical support to create networks of all sizes with the aim of extending existing systems to fit in precisely with its clients’ needs – whether it’s video streaming or a faster network.

Its clients have full access to draw on N&M’s full range of resources, i.e. the expertise of the three in-house studios where software applications and latest IT solutions are developed. For example, come2interact for active integration of the audience and come2present for managing presentations during congresses, personalised for each guest.

N&M has a proven international network of partners at its disposal. If ever required, its trusted network of international offices and partners can supply with even more additional stock of the latest technology.

Felix Erdmann, business unit manager for Dubai commented, “We can provide everything it takes to make an event a success. Our top quality event technology ensures that we can deliver this by having the up-to-date systems as well as the quantity of stock that many of our clients require being available at a short notice and taking onboard more qualified staff.”

Erdmann concluded: “This enables us to deliver a better pricing strategy and competitive rates for our clients, delivered by our highly trained project managers and technology experts.”