NEXO STM Series Rocks Potch Rag Festival

South Africa’s finest alt-rock acts got their first taste of the NEXO STM Series system at the annual Potch Rag. For the first time in its history, the Potchefstroom crowd experienced the power of NEXO’s flagship line array, supplied by audio production company Sound Stylists.

The normally sleepy host town of Potchefstroom (home of North West University), was shaken awake by a full STM deployment comprising 18 M46 and B112 sets, 16 S118 subs and 12 M28 ‘omni’ modules. The venue was rocked with thunderous low end, thanks to the eight-a-side flown S118 subs, coupled with the 20 ground-stacked Alpha S2 subs – a first for Sound Stylists.

The combination of flown and stacked sub woofers in the PA design provided even coverage, with the ground stack giving the front rows a healthy dose of subbass and M28 ‘omni’ modules providing down fill and front fill.

On stage, Sound Stylists supplied NEXO’s new P12 stage monitors, while two GEO M10 line array modules, paired with LS18 subs, were used for the drummer. GEO M10 cabinets also played the role of DJ monitors, used as “Texas wedges” by the resident DJ.

The entire system was powered by three generations of NEXO controllers and amplifiers: NX242 controllers, Camco Vortex6 amplifiers, NXAMP4x4MK1 and MK2 powered controllers. The Alpha S2s ran off of NX242 controllers, coupled with Camco Vortex6 amplifiers. NXamp4x4MK1 powered controllers ran the main line array and all three iterations of MK2 powered controllers ran everything from stage wedges to PS8 talk back monitors and ID24 near-field monitors.

All amplifiers (except the NX242) were run on a Luminex switched redundant Dante network. The Dante network included a Yamaha CL5 FOH console with rear racks and CL1 change over console (also with rear racks) supplying PA lines during changeover.