MGG Invests in Scenius Unicos

MGG purchase Scenius Unicos from DWR Distribution Denzil Smith and Jacques Pretorius from MGG

Rental company MGG, the largest Claypaky stockists in South Africa, has purchased six Scenius Unicos from DWR Distribution.

“We initially received the Scenius Unicos as demo units and it was love at first light,” said Denzil Smith from MGG. “In the end, they were never back. The punch, brightness, versatility and fantastic gobo selection make it the first choice for events (budget dependent), and my personal favourite fixture.”

The Scenius Unico is able to perform in spot, beam or wash mode, and offers an assortment of solid colours. MGG’s lighting HOD, Jacques Pretorius, has test-driven the new workhorses and used them for front light and back light. What stands out for him is the full framing shutter, effective for applications like highlighting banners on stage as well as the renowned Claypaky optical design.

“Claypaky is reliable and our crew is proud to be associated with the brand,” said Denzil. MGG already owns Alpha Profiles that are showcased on larger productions such as Afrikaans is Groot and EOH, the Sharpys are utilised on most day-to-day events, Mythos, A.leda B-EYE K10s and K20s.

While the Scenius Unico may be the new kid on the block, the highly appealing fixture is a magnificent spotlight and an excellent wash light. Not only that, but its ability to generate a powerful narrow beam of super-concentrated light makes it a formidable tool for lighting designers.