Matrix Laser at Fiesta de los Muertos

Fiesta De Los Muertos, billed as the biggest Halloween party of the year, took place at the Dubai Autism Rocks Arena at the end of October. In partnership with PRG-Gearhouse, Matrix Laser lent its services for the festivities with Show-Laser and Special FX.

The kit list included: 10 Co2 Jets, four Co2 Super Jets, eight Flamaniacs, six Stadium Shot Extreme and four Super Blasters. Last but not least, there were six Galaxis G-Flames and six 20 Watt RGB Show Laser Systems.

Laser and Special FX supported artists Major Laser and DNCE, as well as the spectacular 10-minute Show Fiesta Experience, which was a synchronised Sound, Light, Laser, Special FX and Fireworks extravaganza which left the crowds screaming for more.