KVANT Events Middle East

KVANT Events – Middle East’s Managing Director, Peter Prokopčák discusses the company’s new Dubai office and shares his ambitions for the future.

In almost 30 years of making lasers, KVANT has gone from a small business selling laser teaching aids in its native Slovakia to a multinational and multifaceted group that not only offers its award-winning products for sale and rental but also develops custom solutions and even takes on multimedia show production. With several impressive Middle East projects already under its belt, the company recently took the step of launching a Dubai office, headed up by Managing Director, Peter Prokopčák.

With the company keen to expand its presence in the region, KVANT Events – Middle East was born. “With interest in the region building, we needed to be closer to clients to support them better,” Prokopčák told TPiMEA. “We’re here to offer a full service – sales, maintenance, rental, show production, anything the client needs.”

One of Prokopčák’s first tasks was selecting the right destination for the new branch. “I considered Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but taking into account all the factors that contribute to a successful business, Dubai was the clear favourite,” he commented, explaining the decision to launch the new branch in the UAE. “Dubai is a well-established market with clear business and transport links with the rest of the world, which make it ideal for us.”

Since opening the new branch earlier this year, Prokopčák’s brief has been educating the market on the company’s offerings and capabilities. “Our first challenge was to let people know who we are and what we do,” he recalled. “I had to introduce the lasers, the company, and let people know what we could do.”

While KVANT lasers are used on shows for some of the world’s biggest artists and the company boasts a unique collaborative relationship with laser software company Pangolin, Prokopčák was quick to note that the technology is only part of the package that the company’s clients are buying into. “The skills, knowledge, and professionalism of our team are massive benefits to having us work on a project,” he stated. “When people see our standard of work, they know that we are going to do things the right way.”

Safety is, of course, always the top priority on any production, and according to Prokopčák, working with lasers brings a significant step up in terms of safety considerations. “A laser show is a completely different ballgame to just lights,” he noted. “People shouldn’t fear lasers, but safety is paramount, and you must guarantee that shows are done properly. We provide not only the best kit, but also the crew who know how to operate it safely – all in one package.”

The MD was keen to discuss what he labelled as “a lot of poor-quality lasers” that are currently on the market in the region. “If people pay rock-bottom prices, they can expect to receive a poor-quality product with service to match,” he stated plainly. “We are not cheap, but if you want to produce a high-level show, you must go with quality equipment and experienced operators. Not everybody understands that yet, but we’ve had excellent feedback so far, and the more that happens, the more people are seeing that it’s worth spending a little bit extra to achieve a lot more.”

The Middle East’s fixed installation market is an area that Prokopčák believes has significant potential for growth – something he is planning on tapping into. “Permanent installations are increasingly looking for stunning effects that increase footfall, and KVANT lasers work brilliantly for this purpose,” he stated. “We’re open to collaborating on the permanent installation side of the business; they require a very different way of thinking, so good local knowledge will be invaluable.”

Prokopčák described the competitive landscape of the Middle East as “full of opportunities but also full of competitors”. He added: “To succeed in this market, you must show something different to the competition. Our reputation is built upon professionalism, quality, and safety, and our clients value those qualities.”

Speculating on the future, Prokopčák revealed his aims for the business in the region. “The main goal is to bring KVANT lasers to the biggest buildings and the most important events in the Middle East,” he stated boldly. “KVANT is already used on some of the biggest shows around the world, and the USA currently makes up more than 60% of our business. My goal is to make the Middle East catch up, and with the huge opportunities there are in the region, that is a very realistic goal.”

Photos: KVANT