Jaques Pretorius Joins DWR

DWR Distribution has added Jaques Pretorius to its technical support and training team.

“I’ve seen Jaques at work over the past 10 years, and he is always someone with a lovely nature while being clued up on the technical side,” commented Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution. “We are very glad to welcome him to the team and hope that he will enjoy a long and happy stay.”

Taking over the role of Jannie de Jager, who recently left the company to pursue a new career, Pretorius will focus on MA Lighting support, head the training department, present training courses, play a key role in open days, roadshows and demonstrations, and assist clients with technical support.

“I like challenges, problem-solving and keeping up to date with technology,” Pretorius said. “In my career, I’ve really enjoyed lighting and those goosebump moments when seeing the result. Every day presents a new opportunity to grow, and I believe that working at DWR will contribute to the growth and that an exciting future awaits me.”