Innovating the visual experience: The MU Series powers large-scale displays

Designed with large-scale LED applications, the MU Series is available in two cabinet sizes, 500 by 500mm and 500 by 1000mm, with a thickness of just 72.5mm. The MU series is the pro of universal and efficient, making it the premier choice for rapid installation in rental and staging scenarios.

Unique Design for More Universality
The key to the adaptability of MU series is its cost-effective platform design. Different modules with different pixel pitches can be used on one frame within the same series, thereby optimizing cost savings and augmenting flexibility. Moreover, seamless integration with the MG9, MG10, and MG Creative-Extended Series enhances its adaptability to diverse needs.

Efficiency Reinforced
In terms of efficiency, the MU Series is equipped with an auto-eject system that allows for the rapid disassembly of the power box in 5 seconds, saving time during maintenance and repairs. The hanging locks equipped inside facilitate easy connection between cabinets, coupling with the big handle for better installation. The 500*500mm MU cabinet is lightweight for transportation and simple one-man installation. It also includes 500*1000mm cabinet for the fast efficient building of large-scale screens. The two different sizes of the cabinets support up and down dislocation to further enhance the adaptability.

High-Level Protection
Crafted from die-casting aluminum, the cabinet combines lightweight attributes with sturdiness. It adopts the most considered anti-collision design to avoid direct collision. LEDs are fully protected at the display edge by the protective corner. The cabinet’s design incorporates dust-proof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof, with a fully sealed back side enhancing circuit protection for heightened safety and stability.

With stability assured, creativity can flow. MU series can realize curve capability, able to support ±7.5° ( ±15° is optional) adjustable curves to build a variety of shapes and more creative stage.

Always leading innovation, YES TECH has developed various LED displays to meet the rigors of the rental stage market and event production. With over two decades of experience in the LED industry, YES TECH provided professional visual solutions for numerous international events, including the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 19th Asian Games, the World Cup, the main stage of U2’s show at MSG Sphere, the G20 Summit, and more. As the future unfolds, YES TECH remains steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality products and innovative applications to meet the dynamic needs of customers in the ever-evolving LED display industry and optimize business value.