INFiLED’s mega screen: A stunning addition to The Dubai Mall Aquarium

INFiLED has announced an impressive new installation at Dubai Mall Aquarium. This location is one of the most iconic places in Dubai, representing not just an attractive location for tourists but also a space where cultures and experiences come together.

In response to the needs of the end user, EMAAR, INFiLED provided MV-Series along with MV-Edge series with an impressive 3.9mm pixel pitch that covers an expansive area of over 980 sq m, reaching 70m in width and 14m in height, 64 million pixels, being the largest indoor LED screen in Dubai. INFiLED’s seamless curve on both ends was consequently selected for the main need – a display that not only showcased advertising but also effectively communicated relevant information in this major setting.

Samer Otaibi, INFiLED VP of Sales in Middle East stated: “Collaborating with EMAAR always demands meeting high standards, and they consistently set benchmarks to outpace the competition. Today marks a moment of pride for us as we contribute to The Dubai Mall’s charm with our monumental 980 sqm screen. We are thrilled to have our flagship indoor LED screen installed at The Dubai Mall.”

Within this circumstance, Blue Rhine Industries emerged as a key partner in the achievement of a groundbreaking installation. Recognized for its expertise in visual communication and display technologies, Blue Rhine Industries played a pivotal role as an INFiLED partner for this big project.

John V. Joseph (Sales Director for Blue Rhine Industries) shares: “Embarking on the installation above a live aquarium within a dynamic mall environment presented intricate challenges that necessitated specialized expertise. Operating exclusively during nighttime hours, the team executed the project with precision, navigating complexities to minimize disruption to the delicate live aquatic ecosystem. Prioritizing the well-being of the fish demanded a unique blend of technical proficiency and conscientious execution throughout the process.”

Installing the largest DOOH indoor screen in such a high-profile setting presented a set of challenges. The weight of the cabinet emerged as a critical factor, and the MV-Series, with its remarkable weight efficiency of only 20kg per sqm, proved to adapt during the installation process. In addition, meeting the aesthetic expectations of the place required meticulous planning and execution. In fact, INFiLED products went through rigorous testing and securing certifications from globally reputable labs, demonstrating exceptional performance and guaranteed reliability in diverse environmental conditions.

The successful installation of INFiLED´s solution in The Dubai Mall’s not only demonstrates the company commitment to innovation and quality but represent one of the biggest led display installations in UAE.