INFiLED LED Stars at Expo 2020 Finland Pavilion

Two curved INFiLED DB3.4mm LED displays with a total size of 104 sq m have been installed at the Finland Pavilion at Expo 2020.

JKMM Architects engaged DXB Live for the setup and integration of the system, and the two companies worked together to create a cutting-edge, seamless curved LED solution that fits to perfection the theme, technical specifications, and overall impressive design of the pavilion.

“To achieve and ensure the requested seamless curve, our R&D team customised our standard DB cabinets to eight different curving angles including the hanging bars,” commented INFiLED Regional Sales Manager – Middle East, Samer Otaibi.

“Creative installations are in our DNA, and we are delighted to see the result and be part of this impressive project among others at Expo 2020.” According to Otaibi, one of the main challenges was that the screens had to be hung from hanging bars, which required a lightweight, robust, yet high-quality product. 

“DB series is easy to install, and features exclusive black LEDs offering vivid colours, high contrast and stunning image quality,” he added. “We’re very proud of this project, which will impress thousands of visitors.”