IBS Group Restructures

Stany D’Souza, Lorenzo Gempies, Samir Chikhodrawala, Nigel Smith, Terry Murtha and Scott Davis

The IBS Group in Dubai announces a major restructuring, a move that sees a lively and energetic new management team in place to run the operation day-to-day.

The team comprises operations manager Lorenzo Gempies, HSE manager Samir Chikhodrawala and CFO Stany D’Souza, who will work in conjunction with 4 core directors, which from the UK.

This set-up and the fusion of European management truly embraces and the spirit and international flavour of Dubai, one of the most dynamic marketplaces at the heart of the Middle East region.

Since 1996, IBS has gained a solid reputation as a leading enterprise for building ambitious bespoke stage and event sets, providing detailed and elaborate décor as well as specialist draping and soft goods.

Gempies, Chikhodrawala and D’Souza will oversee the busy facility and 80 full-time staff based at IBS’s large purpose-built premises in Dubai Investment Park 2, purchased and constructed in 2013.

Director Scott Davis explained: “I and directors Alan Scoley, Terry Murtha and Nigel Smith decided that a non-hierarchical management team was the way forward rather than appointing a general manager from outside. When we considered the talent, experience and commitment we have onboard, it was a straightforward decision”.

“The realignment has optimised IBS and put it in a better position to attain its long-term ambitions,” commented D’Souza, adding that having a system in place with more clearly defined roles, functions, authority and appreciation of the scope of the work, means people working together can accomplish the more challenging “organisational goals”.

The more inclusive approach will stimulate innovation throughout all departments – which include carpentry, painting, aluminium and steel fabrication, electrical, dry hire and equipment rental, graphics, design and technical drawing plus the essential office and warehouse supporting infrastructures.

“All opinions are considered if they will make sense and be applicable in a company-wide context,” explained Davis. “The immediate results have been fantastic and the feedback from our regular customers underlines my confidence that 2018 will be a very successful year,” he confirmed.