Green Island Drone Shows

A fleet of 2,000 LED drones swarm into a series of fantastic formations to portray a visual story-telling representation of Kuwait’s past, present, and future…

Kuwait warmed up for its National Day and Liberation Day celebrations with a series of stunning drone shows taking place over eight evenings in the lead up to the big night. Zain Kuwait and the Touristic Enterprises Company invited AO Multimedia & Drones to provide the spectacular shows, which featured a fleet of 2,000 LED drones swarming above Green Island.

“We have been a leading partner for innovative event technology all over the Middle East for many years. Our multimedia shows – including the world-famous FALCON searchlights – have made major impacts in illuminating many capitals since 2000,” commented AO Multimedia & Drones’ CEO and Executive Producer, Marco Niedermeier.

“Kuwait is a proud country with an impressive cultural and economic development in just a few generations,” he added. “The country is focused on entertaining its people and celebrating its national identity, which allowed our team to utilise the storytelling power of the drone show to translate the message of Kuwait’s past, present and future into an entertaining story-based show for all ages.”

Photos by AO Multimedia & Drones