Gearhouse South Africa Chooses Avid


South Africa’s Gearhouse recently purchased two Avid Venue S6L-32D systems to add to their existing Avid Audio inventory in their Johannesburg operation.

“Gearhouse South Africa bought Avid Profiles back in 2010 and they have proven to be a hugely popular console specified on almost every touring rider coming to South Africa, since then” said Audio Departmental Head, Llewellyn Reinecke. “We used Avid on the World Cup 2010 and on numerous annual local festivals with international artists. The successful fit of the Avid systems with Gearhouse’s demanding rental requirements, makes it a natural choice to continue the legacy with its successor, the Avid S6L-32D. This is a truly comprehensive mixing solution with complete file integration but more importantly it is faster, exceptionally versatile with a very efficient workflow” Reinecke assured.

Avid is recognised for its innovative mixing technology offerings for live sound and Gearhouse is known for its ability to always provide their clients with exactly what they need, when and where they need it. Reinecke explained that the purchase of the Venue desks was primarily rider driven.
“We are constantly asked for Avid systems” he said “and the Venue S6L-32D seems to have become the desk choice for a range of touring artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lumineers, R Kelly, Black Sabbath,Enrique Iglesias, Paul McCartney, Def Leppard, Massive Attack,Bryan Adams and many others because of its high level performance and reliability.”

The S6L-32D is made specifically for touring but features more processing power and track counts than were previously available. Its user-friendly modular and modern touch screen workflows make it exceptionally easy and efficient to work with and the continuity of the Avid software makes it a quick study for users. Engineers who have mixed on an Avid Profile can simply transfer their show file to the S6L (and vice versa) with complete integration. The system’s scalability allows it to be configured for a wide variety of applications and events such as award shows, large scale corporate functions as well as concert touring and theatre productions. That is the kind of result you get when you consult with the front-of-house engineers so that you can create the product based on their needs.

Gearhouse has purchased complete Avid systems of up to 192 input Channels and 96 outputs at 96kHz. The systems feature 32x VCAs, 32x 31-Band Graphic EQs with 200 64-bit AAX DSP plug-in slots with support for Waves SoundGrid over MADI, Neutrik Opticalcon SFP Fiber with redundant ring topology all connected with the new AVB protocol.

“We purchased this system specifically because of its tight integration with Protools and the S6L’s Virtual Soundcheck feature, with the ability to offer our clients an in-house 128 track simultaneous multitrack recording of their event, so that the FOH Engineer can play it back to the band immediately after they did a sound check/rehearsal to fine-tune their mix” said Reinecke.

“The ability to record straight to Protools in-house is opening up a whole new world for Gearhouse Audio and our clients, and we are excited to be a part of it.”