Gearhouse Has Ultra Covered with Selbyguard

Ultra South Africa, a music festival which this year celebrated its fifth anniversary, saw revellers enjoy a line-up of some of the world’s best DJs amidst a heavy downpour, which provided some challenges for the technical team.

Supplying the full technical for the Ultra events, hosted at the Cape Town Stadium on the 9 February and the Expo Centre in Nasrecin Johannesburg on the 10, Gearhouse Group was going into the production prepared for heavy rainfall. Each year, Gearhouse pulls out all the stops to create the most amazing experience for the audience. For the Johannesburg leg of the tour, Gearhouse invested in 128 Selbyguard Rainroof covers and bases, along with 12 Selbyguard Air Domes from DWR Distribution. To transport these items, a further 11 Dolly Rainroofs and 2 Dolly Airdomes were bought.

The Gearhouse team was spot on in its predictions about the rain and utilised 128 bases with Rainroof covers (64 medium and 64 extra-large) and the preplanning really paid off – in JHB not a single fixture went down this year.

Setting up the Selbyguard covers is like rigging a standard moving light. First to be rigged is a base plate, followed by the lighting fixture, and then the actual cover is attached to the base with velcro, the bonus being that it doesn’t affect the look, especially on evening events.