Gear Heads: Look Solutions OctaJet

Matrix Laser owner Michael Hilgemann extols the virtues of the Look Solutions OctaJet, which is now available for rental and purchase.

How long have you been working with Look Solutions, and what attracted you to offering their products for rental and sale?

We first discussed the possibility of becoming a UAE/Middle East distributor for Look Solutions when we met with them during the 2019 Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Having worked with show lasers and SFX for 30-plus years, the link between Matrix Laser and the smoke and haze products from Look Solutions was naturally worth considering. Being familiar with the company in terms of the quality and reliability of its products made establishing the partnership an easy decision.

How does the OctaJet save users money and increase efficiency?

The traditional CO2 jets, in addition to separate cylinders, also require substantial amounts of CO2. Octajet provides a similar effect as CO2 jets, without the logistical limitations created by bulky equipment or excessive use of CO2. One Octajet unit hosts a self-contained two litres of jet fluid that is capable of firing 120, one-second shots as opposed to 25 to 30 shots from a traditional CO2 tank.

What are your favourite features of the OctaJet that you think end users will benefit from?

A favourite and extremely versatile feature is that Octajet can fire from any angle, vertically, and horizontally. The units can be safely trussed to shoot from above, with no risk of fluid leakage. This offers different stage effect possibilities, also in venues where previously CO2 jets have been restricted.

What are the main applications for the OctaJet?

Octajet is a perfect alternative where venue-specific health and safety restrictions prohibit or restrict the use of traditional CO2 jets. Additionally, the compact size of the units and the absence of bulky CO2 cylinders is a great solution where a specific aesthetic is to be achieved in a restrictive space.

What kind of demand have you seen so far, and how popular do you anticipate these will be with your clients?

While Octajet is a newcomer in the world of SFX, we are confident that its popularity will steadily increase as the industry becomes aware of its capabilities. It has most recently been utilised at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest gaming and esports event, where its features were truly given the showcase it deserves.

In the past, when clients have been forced to eliminate the use of CO2 jets from their event scopes due to health and safety restrictions related to the gas cylinders, Octajet is the best solution to maintain the required celebratory aesthetic – a good example being one of the major marathons that took place in the UAE in late 2022 where the request for CO2 jets during the podium ceremony was denied. We’ve since had several requests from our main client base to test the Octajet for themselves and discover its possibilities.

Photos: Look Solutions