eclipse Welcomes its First Female Interns to Date

Photo Courtesy of eclipse

eclipse Staging Services has brought two new interns as part of its annual internship programme. For the fifth consecutive year, the programme provides recent or fresh graduates with a relevant technical degree the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the live events technology industry.

Georgia Griffiths and Amelia Norcup-Brown, have both graduated from universities in the UK, join the audio and video disciplines, respectively. Georgia has completed her studies in Audio Recording and Production from the University of Hertfordshire, while Amelia holds an FdA in Live Events Production from Backstage Academy.

Shiella Manzano, Group Human Resources Manager at eclipse, commented: “We are ecstatic to welcome our first female interns to date. We feel that the addition of these two young aspiring ladies in a male-dominated industry is a strong statement of our commitment to building an inclusive and diverse talent pool not only within the company but to the industry as a whole. This year, we are incredibly glad to provide this unique, unparalleled learning opportunity to both Georgia and Amelia for launching their careers in a dynamic professional setting.”

As it was in the previous years, the interns have been assigned a mentor who helps them flourish throughout their six-month placement, commenced this month, providing robust on-the-job training for their development as the potential next generation of technical experts. Over the past years, the initiative has helped young graduates to transition into the workplace, several of whom have been awarded employment and career development opportunities across the organisation.

The eclipse team comprises the most dedicated people in the industry who are passionate about delivering excellence through exceptional events. Jake Pettit, interned with eclipse’s video department in 2015-2016 and was appointed a full-time Technician in 2016. Three years later, he progressed into a Senior Technician role as result of his proactive efforts to further his skills and actively engaging with his department.

The internship programme has proved to be a success with Jake acting as a buddy to the new interns on his own accord, to support with settling in a new country and learning and working in a new work environment.

“We are delighted that Amelia has taken up an internship at the video department to begin her career,” said Richard Bearpark, Head of Video at eclipse Staging Services. “Our goal is to equip those who are keen to pursue a career in live events production with the skills necessary to get a solid foundation in the industry that prepares them to grow, prosper and find their success in the real world.”

John Parkhouse, eclipse Staging Services’ Head of Audio commented: “The internship at eclipse has been a fantastic opportunity for us to bring in the next generation of audio technicians, the future of our discipline coming into a supportive and professional environment. The fact that we have employed two previous interns full-time, both of whom have deservedly earned and promoted to Audio Engineer status recently, is a true testament to the progressive environment and high level of concentrated training we undertake. It’s an excellent opportunity and experience for all concerned and a scheme which I and the audio team are very proud to have been a part of developing.”

“As more women are establishing themselves as forces to be reckoned with in our industry, there is a heavy emphasis on the need to grow the representation of women in technical roles,” said General Manager of eclipse Staging Services, Martin Lubach. “It gives me great pride and joy to see how eclipse is consistently making its mark in our community through the development of our internship programme, which this year is a training ground for two female interns. eclipse views this responsibility as a nourishing catalyst for female empowerment which we believe will inspire them to become future thought leaders in their field.”