DWR Training Programme at SARA

Photos: JP De Vernon

The South African Roadies Association, SARA, was born to provide employment and technical abilities to many youths in search of a career.

They have helped countless young South Africans get into the industry and mould a career out of their new skills. DWR Distribution decided to lend a hand in offering niche training to help their cause and better the industry. In addition, DWR renovated and painted one of the classrooms to create a learner-friendly environment.

Jannie de Jager, a resident DWR lighting expert, was the training instructor as. With years of experience and skill, Ole Boinamo also from DWR assisted in presenting the training. “They were eager, hungry for knowledge and keen to broaden their scope,” said Jannie. “The future is bright with this sort of work ethic. The students were very passionate feverishly taking notes, illustrating the need that SARA desires to fulfil.”

DWR has made a decision to offer a training course at SARA for every course hosted at the
DWR Premises, excluding international training. In this case, Jannie and Ole provided a Basics Lighting course tailored to SARA’s needs.

The course covered the very essentials of lighting. Cables, connectors, what is DMX and the
details around its use, power distribution amongst lights, and safety guides when working
with lighting. This course aimed at shaping a solid foundation in order to build upon.

After the course a student stood up and thanked the DWR team for their insights, which is
always a heart-warming reaffirmance that it really is “all about the people.”