DWR Distribution Sets Up Charity Organisation for Industry Freelancers

DWR Distribution in South Africa is setting up a charity organisation aimed at Freelancers in the entertainment industry. When freelancers fall ill, injure themselves or sometimes even pass away, it puts their family under immense pressure.

This charity will hopefully help a few people, on a merit basis, with basic assistance. This can either be in the form of helping to pay for school fees for a few months, maybe cover the rent, or providing grocery hampers. Each case will be submitted to the charity where a board will decide who we can assist and how.

At the end of each year, DWR Distribution usually take pleasure in giving its clients gifts. This year, instead, we will use the money we would have used to buy presents to kick start the charity. It’s something we believe will make a difference to someone who may find themselves in trouble when times are low. DWR will initiate the charity by donating R150 000 to the fund.

“When DiGiCo’s Ian Staddon recently visited South Africa, he made us aware of a similar charity that runs in England and which DiGiCo supports,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “The people of South Africa are very generous and I believe we can do something as successful here. For technicians working for a company, there is often medical aid or some form of support. It’s so sad to hear when something tragic or unexpected happens to a freelancer and there’s no one else to help.”

Exciting events are in the pipeline in the new year to raise funds for the project. We hope the industry will join in the fun as the charity hosts comedy evenings, go-karting races or golf days.

A name for the charity will be announced but for the time being, meetings are in the process to create an independent board, made up from various rental companies, to ensure the charity works fairly in all decisions.

Hard times can fall on anyone. When they do, it makes a difference to receive a friendly and helping hand.