Dubai Opera Upgrades House Rigs with Claypaky

Dubai Opera has recently purchased 37 Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10’s as part of a technical upgrade to the event space’s lighting rigs. The venue is considered a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The ‘dhow-shaped’ building, designed by architect Janus Rostock, houses a flexible, 1900-seat venue which can be transformed into a theatre, concert hall or ‘flat-floor’ event space.

“Dubai Opera is a first-rate venue and we present and produce top-quality performances,” explained Geoffrey Wheel, Technical Director of Dubai Opera. “Our audiences expect a high standard, and as such we always strive to be the best. We, therefore, invest in the very best equipment and this is demonstrated in our stake in the Claypaky brand. Its products are of an excellent quality.”

The B-EYE K10 is a popular workhorse fixture for many designers across the globe, and the fact that it is widely available to hire in the Middle East market ensures that, alongside Dubai Opera’s recent stock purchase, the venue can easily make additions on a production-by-production basis.

“Versatility is a key factor for us when investing in new fixtures,” said Wheel, referring to the B-EYE K10’s three modes of functionality – Wash, Beam and FX. “The fixture had to suit our main-stage concerts, meet the lighting and colour standard demanded by theatrical productions and adapt for use in our studio room and foyer for the more decorative lighting needs. Low power consumption, combined with high light output, was also top of the list when looking for a fixture.”

The zoom range of the B-EYE K10 is 4° to 60° making it suitable for environments with low ceilings and for shows in larger environments, while its high lumen-to-watt ratio means it is brighter than any LED wash luminaire with the same power rating. The fixture runs off a universal 100-240V power-supply and, due to its advanced LED technology, can produce spectacular effects for its relatively low power demand.

Commenting on the sale of the fixtures, Wheel said: “We have had great support from our local dealer, Claypaky Middle East, especially from the area’s sales coordinator Egor Popovski.”