Company Profile: Energie Entertainment

A year on from the establishment of the company, Energie Entertainment Founder and CEO, Tyler Davis-Smith gives TPMEA an update on how the business is faring.

Tyler Davis-Smith has never been one to back down from a challenge. Having launched his new company last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Energie Entertainment Founder and CEO has battled the odds to build an entertainment agency that has delivered events at some of the UAE’s most prestigious locations, including Coca-Cola Arena, Etihad Arena and Dubai World Trade Centre. However, for perfectionist Davis-Smith, there is always room for improvement. “Are we where I wanted and expected us to be? No,” he stated, honestly. “We launched in August 2020 and hit our peak in November and December. Ideally things would have continued in the same vein, but as soon as the entertainment ban kicked in, it had a huge effect on our business.”

Nevertheless, the achievement to get Energie Entertainment off the ground and established as a regular name on the circuit in these tumultuous times for the industry is one that cannot be understated, and as the Middle East events season resumes following the inevitable summer slowdown, the outlook for Energie looks positive. “We are in a really good position with several exciting projects already lined up for Q4,” the CEO shared, adding that expansion of the core team is on the cards. “I know we will need to bring on more members of full-time staff to help facilitate the projects that are in the pipeline,” he said. “These people are already lined up and ready to go – they are people who I have wanted to work with and who have wanted to work with me for a while, so it’s a great opportunity to finally bring them onboard full-time.”

While the business is growing to meet the increasing demand, it is important to Davis-Smith that the company retains its ethos and sticks to its core values of treating all freelancers fairly. “We know that growth is needed, but it would be foolish to expand too quickly and put ourselves in a position where we risk not being able to live up to the high standards that we have set so far, while also ensuring that everyone we work with is paid on time and in full. That was always a top priority when I started the business and I’m pleased to say that a year down the line, we have stayed true to our word.”

This ethos is already bearing fruit, with freelancers happy to continue to work with the company, leading to better performances, events and ultimately repeat business from several clients. “Building long-term relationships with both our clients and freelancers is key to our long-term vision,” Davis-Smith commented. “The fact that people who have worked with us have come back shows that we must be doing something right.”

According to the CEO, the fact that many entertainers have taken full-time contracts or jobs in other sectors during the pandemic means that, as the industry begins to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels, there is likely to be a shortage of performers in the region “We’re constantly expanding our pool of freelancers with new talent from around the world, as well as updating our roster of local talent with any new entertainers who arrive in the region,” he revealed. “However, we are anticipating huge demand in Q4 that will outstrip supply. Planning is key – this region is notorious for leaving things until the last minute, but this year, as we emerge from the pandemic, clients must book early.”

A major factor in this increase in demand is, of course, Expo 2020 and while Energie isn’t involved directly, the company has already confirmed several projects for satellite events separate from the main show. “Expo is going to be a massive boost for the economy – you’d be foolish to think anything else,” he stated. “There’s no doubt that it will bring in more business. However, while a lot of the focus will be on what’s going on at the site during Expo, I prefer the idea of legacy projects, building something that will stand the test of time.”

As well as providing artists and entertainers for events, Energie also supplies a range of backstage roles including show callers and stage managers. “The two disciplines go hand in hand,” the CEO explained. “I’m always happier if we can bring our own show caller and stage management to a show. We’re a trusted team that have worked together for a long time, so it always helps a project run smoothly.”

Looking to the future, Davis-Smith is setting ambitious yet achievable goals for the company. “In a year we will have added to our team of core staff and expanded our databases, which will give us a larger reach and a capacity to accept more work,” he explained. “Regional expansion is also a must. I have personal experience of delivering entertainment in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I have no doubt that we can replicate that experience as a company.”

He concluded: “The main goal will always be to provide world-class entertainment and push the boundaries, creating new and exciting shows while retaining the core values that have got us to where we are today. We must continue to service all of our clients with the high standards we have set so far. Repeat business is vital because it grows the connections and strengthens relationships, which are key to the long-term success of the company.”