Area Four Industries Direct Middle East

As the world’s largest supplier of truss opens a dedicated Middle East office, TPMEA catches up with the men tasked with running the operation – General Manager, Kevin Boujikian and Sales Manager, Paul Hadfield.

While many planned company expansions, mergers and acquisitions around the world have been put on hold since the emergence of COVID-19, when it came to Area Four Industries opening a new outpost in the Middle East, not even a global pandemic could get in the way of progress. Having signed on the dotted line at ISE in February 2020, for the past year, Kevin Boujikian, General Manager, Area Four Industries Direct Middle East, has been busy providing clients with direct access to the world’s best-known truss, staging and hoist brands belonging to the group, including LITEC, MILOS, Prolyte, James Thomas Engineering and EXE Technology.

“We are very excited to be part of this dynamic and innovative truss group, as it gives us the opportunity to develop our customer relationships, provide better service with faster delivery of products, and expand our technology expertise and innovation across the GCC and Middle East region,” commented Boujikian, who will be familiar to TPMEA readers through his work as GM of Provision AVL – a role he will continue to hold alongside his new duties with Area Four Industries.

Photos: Area Four Industries Direct Middle East