Amr Diab: Live at Cubix, El Gouna

Amr Diab marks the first day of Eid with a celebratory performance on Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

On 10 April, award-winning Egyptian singer, composer and actor Amr Diab took to the stage at El Gouna’s Cubix venue to kick off Eid celebrations in style. Tasked by event organiser Venture Lifestyle with creating an ambitious production that lived up to the star’s energetic performance, Hilights Group pulled out all the stops.

“The primary objective of the stage setup was to create an immersive and visually captivating environment that seamlessly complemented Amr Diab’s performance,” commented Hamed Arafa, Founder and Chairman of Hilights Group, giving his insight into the spectacle. “Our role encompassed the meticulous implementation of the provided design, ensuring adherence to the outlined vision and meticulous attention to detail to impeccably showcase Amr Diab’s performance.”

The design featured a range of Vari-Lite fixtures, including ShowLine SL BAR 720ZTs, VL 2600 Profiles, VL4000 Beam Washes and the VLZ Automated LED WASH, as well as Claypaky HY B-Eye K15s and Cyclops Lighting Sparkly 480Bs. “These fixtures were chosen for their ability to create dynamic lighting effects, ranging from vibrant colours to powerful beams, enhancing the visual impact of the concert,” Arafa noted.

The LED supply comprised a combination of Absen Polaris PL3.9 Pro V2 and Procom Middle East VT-P390, which was powered by a Dataton WATCHPAX 60 media server. The company also deployed a robust trussing system from EuroTruss.

Conducting the landmark gig didn’t come without its challenges – one of which was the installation of the complex lighting and video fixtures within a limited timeframe. “To overcome this challenge, we conducted thorough pre-planning and coordination meetings, allocated dedicated teams to each aspect of the setup, and employed efficient installation techniques” Arafa explained. “Additionally, our experienced technicians remained flexible and adaptable, troubleshooting any issues that arose promptly to ensure everything was ready for the concert.”

Arafa was particularly pleased with what he described as “the seamless integration” of lighting and video systems. “This created a truly immersive and captivating experience for the audience,” he reflected. “We received positive feedback on the stage setup, which showcased Amr Diab’s performance while providing visually stunning backdrops and effects. Overall, we were proud to deliver a memorable and successful event that exceeded our client’s expectations.”

Photos: Hilights Group