SOS Reaches Out to Pieter Coetzee

A day after the SOS Charity fund was launched by DWR Distribution at the end of last year, distressing news was received that 26 year-old Pieter Coetzee, a young technician, had fallen from height and severely injured both feet and shattered his spine.

Coetzee was setting up for an event in Cape Town when the incident took place and has since undergone operations in both feet and his back, and should start rehabilitation to learn how to walk again in March. He is currently wheelchair bound, but has been receiving help from friends and his mother, Charmainné.

The SOS project was able to assist by paying for the furniture removal costs for Coetzee’s mother, allowing her to relocate from Pretoria to Cape Town to take care of her son. The fund will also pay R5000 into their account for three months to ease the burden.