100 years of the Turkish Republic

With the Republic of Turkey celebrating its centenary on 29 October, TPiMEA heads to Istanbul to experience a triumphant production on a truly epic scale…

One hundred years is a milestone that deserves to be marked with something special, and if previous productions from the Municipality of Istanbul are anything to go by, the city’s largest 100 Years Celebration event was always bound to be spectacular. Tasked once again with producing a production worthy of the momentous occasion was Imagina Productions – the company behind many of Istanbul’s largest and most impressive shows in living memory.

With our previous coverage of Imagina’s projects being restricted to remote reporting, we jumped at the opportunity to travel to Istanbul to witness the company’s biggest show to date in person. If there was ever any doubt about how much of a big deal the 100-year anniversary was for the country, that was extinguished on the ride from the airport to the hotel, with giant Turkey flags draped from every building and a sense of anticipation palpable throughout the city even two days before the big day.

Photos: Imagina Productions