Modanso Entertainment Invests in Elation Professional

In order to keep up with increasing demand, Modanso Entertainment of Johannesburg, South Africa, has invested in 42 new lighting fixtures from Elation Professional.

The purchase includes 24 Elation Professional DARTZ 360 beam/spot LED moving heads, as well as 12 Elation Professional Platinum HFX hybrid moving heads and 6 Elation Professional Platinum 1200 Wash LED moving heads supplied by local distributor The Production Warehouse.

“Moving the company forward and the need to meet international rider requirements at an affordable rate to the client, Elation was the best investment for Modanso Entertainment,” said Patrick Paledi, owner of Modanso Entertainment. “The efficient, powerful and easy-to-use Elation lighting was always our choice for stage lighting but was never available in South Africa until 2 years ago. We couldn’t be happier with our investment in Elation and the after-sales support from Production Warehouse.”

“The Platinum 1200s are just beasts!” said Lucky Lewele, Head of Lighting at Modanso. “The DARTZ are crazy, their infinite pan and tilt is handy for effects and the unit is very light in weight yet powerful.” Marnus Nieuwoudt, Director at The Production Warehouse, added, “I’d like to thank Patrick and the Modanso crew for their continued support. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Elation and Modanso.”

The compact beam/spot Elation Professional DARTZ projects a powerful three-degree beam that is comparable to larger discharge lamp fixtures but also houses two prisms and has gobo projection capability. Packed with colours, graphics and effects options, the mid-sized Elation Professional Platinum HFX is a versatile spot/ beam/wash moving head that can emit up to 12,000 lumens of power.

The Elation Professional Platinum 1200 Wash is an all-purpose power wash light with zoom and 19 65W LED engine that puts down a beautiful flood of colour and is as bright as 1500W discharge fixtures.