HSL Group Expands with SPR

HSL Group’s Tim Dunn and Marcel Wijnberger has announced the arrival of SPR – Special Project Resources – a new company launched between the duo, and part of the growing HSL Group.

Dunn and Wijnberger have both relocated from Johannesburg in South Africa to HSL’s HQ in Blackburn UK; bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge in entertainment technology and live event production together with copious imagination and enormous energy to the HSL Group.

SPR will be dedicated to assisting clients on any or all of the technical and design aspects of their concepts and projects, delivering incredible and memorable moments, vibrant storytelling and high levels of engagement for diverse audiences through the innovative use of technologies.

Dunn’s industry career began as a teenager in Sheffield. Since then he has worked worldwide on a diverse range of shows and events, and his skills include production, set, lighting and visual design, rigging, site management, technical coordination and complex technical drawing and visualisation.

Dunn has been an integral part of some high profile events in the southern hemisphere over the last 24 years while he’s been based in South Africa. He has also worked in various executive roles for the technical production company, Gearhouse South Africa. Known for his flamboyance, communication skills, deal-making and love of challenges, Dunn is also appreciated for his ability to perform and make logical decisions under pressure, to troubleshoot in critical scenarios and for his direct talking and transparent approach to business.

Dunn is relishing the new challenges, horizons and the huge potential of running SPR.
“We have massive equipment resources available at HSL with constant future and ongoing investment as well as access to some very valuable human capital, all of which will be available to our clients. We are also looking forward to a lot of collaboration with a truly amazing team”.

His parents are figures in South Africa, and he has always had an insouciant passion for all things visual and technical. He’s is known for his patience, persistence and quietly outrageous sense of humour. Other skills include systems integration, IT, video and media servers, structural design and rigging and creative strategies converging and combining lighting, audio and video. He’s worked with South Africa’s most respected enterprises in structures / mobile venues, theatre lighting and visuals and rental/staging in In2Strutures, Splitbeam And Gearhouse SA, respectively.

Wijnberger is looking forward to “working in the UK, Europe and further afield and being part of an enthusiastic, forward-thinking team of individuals where there’s a fantastic atmosphere and everyone feels included”.

HSL’s MD Simon Stuart commented: “I am hugely excited about welcoming Tim and Marcel as SPR to the Group and am looking forward to the dynamics and vision they bring to our equation. It’s going to be a highly productive, fulfilling and enjoyable working relationship.”

He continued: “SPR will work in harmony with all the current HSL Group businesses and help grow, develop and diversify the scope of our work, optimise the talent, skills and personalities we already have and take us to a new level in facilitating and delivering the extraordinary experiences that our clients all strive to achieve”.


This article was originally published via TPi.