DWR Hosts AV Industry Open Day

The company also welcomes a new member to its sales team, with the appointment of Motlotlo ‘Mac’ Makhobotloane.

DWR Distribution hosted an AV Open Day on 23 March, held at the company’s offices in Johannesburg, where visitors experienced technical solutions for the AV and corporate markets from brands including tvONE, Magenta, Green Hippo, Visual Productions, Sharp/NEC, Absen, Audix, Magnimage and Quest.

“The purpose of the AV Open Day was to raise awareness regarding DWR Distribution’s offerings when it comes to AV,” said Dylan Jones of DWR, who orchestrated the event. “We wanted to attract new and current clients to come to our offices and catch up, while also showing them our products in action across the board, from events to boardroom solutions and training facilities.”

Guests were welcomed to the demo room where they could see, touch, and hear a range of equipment on display. People were also given a tour of DWR’s in-house training room and boardroom – both venues equipped with user-friendly products, from wall touch switches to speakers, LED screens and systems that create a polished solution when hosting meetings or corporate events.

While DWR has hosted numerous training days over the past two years during the pandemic, an open day fuelled the team who were ready to put in every effort to make the day a success. “My highlight was during the buildup, working with my colleagues again, a deadline pending, and making sure the venue was ready for show day,” Jones said. “I was really excited about the upgrades our training room received in terms of the Quest ceiling speakers, tvONE HDMI Matrix Switcher and the NEC Display.”

The company also recently welcomed a new member to its sales team – sound, lighting and product specialist, Motlotlo ‘Mac’ Makhobotloane. “No sooner had Mac arrived, we threw him into the deep end at our AV Open day – and he hasn’t stopped since,” smiled Robert Izzett, Head of Sales at DWR. “With a wealth of knowledge and experience, his primary role will be internal sales, and thereafter, he will assist with customer support, demonstrations and training as and when needed.”

Mac brings a wealth of industry experience, including a stint at MGG, where he gained practical insight to technical, rigging and setting up productions, as well as Lighting Technical support at Prosound and Technical Sales Administrator at Electrosonic SA.

“It’s a new chapter and what excites me is getting to know everyone at DWR on a personal level,” Mac said. “I get my gratitude by providing people with applicable solutions and being able to empower and educate others, be it through a sale, the commissioning and handing over of a system, or assisting with training.”

Duncan Riley of DWR concurred. “I’m very happy to have Mac onboard and look forward to a great future together,” he concluded. “I know he will complement the team with his passion for people and a great love for the industry.”

Photos: DWR Distribution