Christie Projectors Inspire at Expo 2020 Dubai

More than 70 Christie laser projectors are helping to inspire visitors in Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Bringing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life, the interactive exhibition journey addresses the most fundamental global challenges of our time and sheds light on what can be achieved when individuals and communities work together. A total of 72 Christie laser projectors were installed to deliver engaging visuals throughout.

Guests are greeted by an introductory video that sets the scene for the pavilion and the visitor journey ahead. The pavilion is then divided into three ‘tracks’, each focusing on one of three essential needs: water, food and energy. Visitors are guided by the stories of three individuals (guides) in each track whose actions were implemented with minimal resources yet had a life-changing impact.

Interactive games, which also use Christie projection, encourage participation and help to engage visitors in the process of change and visitors are introduced to people from the guide’s communities whose lives has changed for the better because of these actions. These stories are brought to life with projection mapping onto model environments and wraparound video content overhead, adding further detail and richness to the real-life stories.

“Mission Possible relies heavily on AV because of all the videos and interactive games,” says Anoosha Al Marzouqi, Director, Opportunity Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai. “It was very important to us to have good quality content with the highest possible resolution, to ensure we could deliver an amazing experience for all our visitors, and Christie seemed like an obvious choice. Any challenges that we had – whether that was ‘which projector fits better?’ or ‘how do we make this content best work?’ – they were there to assist and provide a solution.”

The Opportunity Pavilion experience culminates in an impressive projection mapping display in the final room – The Garden of Pledges – designed to resemble an ‘upside down garden’. Concealed projectors are used to map pledges and other animated content onto the garden ceiling. The restful space allows visitors to reflect upon their visit and aims to inspire them to take action by becoming agents of change in their own communities.

“We took a serious topic – sustainable development goals – and we managed to get the spirit of it out to people in a simple way using technology,” added Al Marzouqi. “It’s simple, it’s fun and it doesn’t talk ‘at’ people, it talks with them and to them. I think that’s one thing which differentiates this experience. We’ve had people who have been blown away by the experience, which is so rewarding for us to hear.”

“It’s a great pleasure to be a part of Expo 2020 Dubai, and we’re delighted to see the success of the Opportunity Pavilion,” stated Joe Graziano, EMEA director of sales, Entertainment, Christie. “The versatile nature of the projectors used meant that they could be integrated effectively throughout, helping to tell the powerful narratives with an array of varied and engaging spaces.”