BIG Holding launches in Saudi Arabia

Business Innovation Gate (BIG) Holding, a Saudi-based conglomerate of companies leading in events, leisure, and entertainment sectors, will be officially launched in Saudi Arabia with the opening of two offices in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Founded and led by co-chairmen Hassan Ghazzawi and Pierre-Alexandre Dentant, the Group comprises: 3DB, All Events Services (AES), GAG Company, High and Wired KSA, Ogma Safety, and Royal Tent.

“The launch of BIG Holding marks a significant milestone for the events, leisure, and entertainment sectors in Saudi Arabia, as it represents a beacon of collaboration and innovation,” commented Ghazzawi. “The Group has successfully brought together a collaborative community of industry experts, entrepreneurs, innovators, and through-leaders, who will work towards shaping the landscape of these sectors for the years to come. At BIG Holding, we will be providing companies with the support they need to thrive while maintaining their unique identity. With this, we aim at becoming a one-stop destination for businesses seeking to excel in these sectors, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs.”

Pierre-Alexandre Dentant added: “BIG is not just a business venture, it’s a human adventure, a collective dream. By consolidating six companies into a single group, we brought together entrepreneurs who share a common vision and DNA. Whether working collaboratively or independently in the same market, these businesses share a unified motto: Where quality meets innovation, client satisfaction is our tradition. BIG has invited these companies to join as a collective of experts with the primary objective of supporting them in deploying their high skills in the service of the Kingdom.”

The official launch of the Group marks the unifying force that incorporates leading partners and industry leaders, all in alignment with the Saudi vision 2030, seeking to amplify their impact in the dynamic landscape of events.